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    Sugar Busters Diet- A Weight Loss Plan with a Difference


    There are people who year in, year out usually set weight loss goals so that they can be able to regain a body shape that they previously had. However, in their endeavors to loose weight, they normally fail time and time again without knowing the reason. But, the main reason why people often fail in their weight loss goals is usually a lack of focus, and eating foods that do not aid in weight loss. Sugar- in any form- is one such food and is what the  addresses. The sugar busters diet is based on reducing all glcyemic carbohydrates so that insulin levels in blood can be lowered. Thus, when followed well, someone can be assured of losing weight within fourteen days.

    So, foods such as pasta, white bread, and even white rice are not permitted whilst foods such as whole grain bread and proteins such as lean meat, fish and chicken are permitted. This is since these are proteins and low fat foods and the body needs a supply. So, the sugar busters diet is unlike other diets that may allow a person to eat high carbs foods that have a lot of sugars. It eliminates sugar from a diet totally so that a person can loose weight quickly. 

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